Men’s Internet Dating Affiliate Program

From the Desk of Christophe,

Men’s Internet Dating Affiliate Program

Dear Future Business Partner,

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and look into my Affiliate Program. If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer and you’re looking to make some FAST cash online, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve put together two comprehensive ebooks packed with never seen before Internet Dating Secrets to help men meet beautiful women online.

They’ve been selling like CRAZY and I’d like to get YOU in on the action!

Please take a minute to review the details of my Affiliate Program:

Why get involved in the Online Dating Market?


  • Well, it happens to be one of the MOST profitable niches out there!
  • This market has been steadily growing ever since the Internet was born and it’s showing NO signs of slowing down.
  • This niche appeals to a customer base involving HALF the world’s population! (Men)
  • New customers are constantly entering the market, which ensures it will never slow down and continue to grow.
  • This market is ALWAYS active… and global! Men from all over the world want to learn how to meet women online! No geographic restrictions!
  • Most men don’t know how to properly communicate with women online and there is a HUGE demand for advice on how to be successful with Online Dating.
  • There are very few QUALITY resources out there on how to be successful with Internet Dating.

As you can see, this is a HOT niche and provides you a great opportunity to make money!

“Why Should You Become A Men’s Internet Dating Affiliate?”

As I mentioned before, there simply aren’t a whole lot of quality books or products out there that teach men how to be more successful with Internet Dating.

My online ebooks, “Internet Dating Mastery” and “101 Eye Catching Email Subject Lines For Online Dating” break down the whole process from writing dating profiles to emailing women, to tips on where to meet on a first date.

They also provide a number of sample dating profiles and email subject lines I’ve used to meet countless numbers of beautiful women online!

It’s something that guys desperately want and need. Very few online dating advisers are willing to do that!

Customers can purchase both my ebooks through my website.

Here’s the sales pages you’ll be promoting:

1)  Internet Dating Mastery Sales Page

2)  101 Email Subject Lines Sales Page

As you can see, both sales pages are totally clean and “leak” free with NO outbound links (other than Payment links) and no opt in forms or pop-ups.  They ‘re designed with ONE purpose in mind… to get the sale!

The books don’t not need to be shipped. They’re in digital form, and sold completely online. After customers purchase the product, they are sent to a download page with simple step-by-step instructions on how to download it.

“Exactly How Much Money Can You Earn?”

I’ll be blunt… I’m looking for experienced affiliates, (preferably with experience in the dating niche) to help market my ebooks. I realize how important affiliates are in online businesses and that’s why I’m offering you a VERY generous 100% commission on each sale you generate!

That means you will earn a full 100% commission on each $27 ebook you sell!

Here’s how it works:

My ebooks are currently converting between 5% and 6% (to cold traffic) and even higher to warm traffic.  This means for every 100 visitors to my site, 5 to 6 of them make a purchase. (This of course depends on the quality of traffic sent.)

And check this out… since launching the all new Volume III version of my Internet Dating Mastery ebook a while ago, I’ve had NO refunds and feedback has been spectacular!

Don’t believe it?  Check out the proof below:

ebook sales

(Now, I do realize this isn’t a high volume of sales as I just released this version but the point in showing you this is to prove that it’s a HIGH quality product with super LOW refunds!)

So, you have a GREAT opportunity to make some money if you have access to a large number of laser targeted buyers in this niche.

Get Paid Instantly Into Your Paypal Account…

Get paid via PayPal immediately every time a sale is made, (for qualified affiliates.)  That means there is NO waiting thirty days for a check or having to sell a minimum amount to get paid like with many other affiliate programs.

I use a program called “Digiresults” to manage affiliate payments.

It’s very easy to sign up and get started promoting, and as I said, you get your commission deposited directly into your Paypal account after each sale!

Here Are Some Affiliate Resources To Help Get You Started…

I believe the more tools I can provide my affiliates, the easier it will be for them to sell my products, which means MORE money for both of us!

With these extensive tools at your disposal, you can quickly and easily start making tons of commission sales. New tools and support will be added as time goes on as I continue to honor the requests of my affiliates.


Here are some images you can use to help promote my ebooks.

1)  Internet Dating Mastery Ebook Covers:

Ebook Cover – 350 X 350

internet dating tips

Ebook Cover – 250 X 250

Ebook Cover – 150 X 150


2)  101 Eye Catching Email Subject Lines Ebook Covers:

Ebook Cover – 350 X 350

Ebook Cover – 250 X 250

Ebook Cover – 150 X 150


Are you looking to do some hard core email marketing to promote my ebooks? I have several pre-writen emails all set up and ready to go out to your list of subscribers.! Just send me a message at the address below and I’ll send them to you.

If you desire any other promotional material, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I have everything you’ll need!

“I’m Sold! I Want To Be A Men’s Internet Dating Affiliate! How Do I sign Up?

To join my affiliate program, you must first sign up with Digiresults and get your affiliate link. It’s totally FREE and only takes a minute to join.  If you’re already familiar with Clickbank, then you’ll have NO problem using Digiresults.

Click Here To Sign Up For My Affiliate Program.

Once you sign up, just go to the following links to promote my products:

Click Here To Promote Internet Dating Mastery

Click Here To Promote 101 Email Subject Lines

Now you’re ready to start promoting my ebooks!

Just Released:  The Internet Dating Mastery Video Course

Start Cashing In On This HOT New Online Dating Program!

I’ve got some GREAT news for affiliates wanting to promote higher end products with bigger commissions!

I just put the finishing touches on my new Online Dating Video Course.  It’s a Video based product that my customers have been waiting for and so far conversions have been off the charts!

You know how HOT video products are now and how well they convert… well, I knew I needed to get one on the market FAST but this isn’t just any Video Product.  It’s becoming by far the BEST and most comprehensive video course in the dating niche!

Nothing else even comes close to it in quality and uniqueness!

One thing you should know about me is I do NOT rehash other people’s stuff because I realize how important it is to be unique… besides, I don’t have to position myself as an expert in this niche because I AM an expert in it!

I was in the trenches and I know exactly all the fears and frustrations that men face when trying to meet attractive women online.

With that said… I went all out in this course and appealed to all those frustrations in a way that only someone whose been there can do.  If you’ve read through my articles and blog, you’ll immediately begin to understand that it’s written by someone who has been through it and knows how to solve problems guys face in this niche.

“So, What’s So Great About My Video Product And Why Should YOU Promote It?”

As I said, the content in this course is entirely from MY OWN experiences with Online Dating; more than 15 Years of experience!

Not only that but I actually surveyed my list while creating this product and asked them directly what they wanted to learn and get out of it!  How many other marketers take the time to do that?  Not many!

After receiving feedback from my subscribers I filled this course with TONS of stuff they wanted to see.

The result…

More than 25 videos organized into SEVEN modules; each one focused on different areas of Online Dating and how to meet women online.

Want to see what’s included in this comprehensive course for yourself?  Check out the sales page below:

Internet Dating Mastery Video Course

As you can see, it’s JAM PACKED with awesome content and so far conversions to my list of customers has been outstanding!

Just check out the stats below from my Clickbank account:

Video Course Sales4

And check this out… the total number of refunds I’ve received so far since launch is ZERO, ZILCH!  

If that’s not an indication of a TOP NOTCH quality product… I don’t know what is!

I’ll be posting more specific conversion rates and EPC stats once more sales come rolling in so stay tuned for that.

“How Much Can You Earn?”

This Video Course is currently selling for $97 and I’m offering a generous 50% commission on each sale. Unlike my ebooks, I’m using Clickbank to sell this course.  So if you’ve got access to a large list of laser targeted hungry buyers wanting this information, you’ll have a great opportunity to make a LARGE sum of money!

“Here’s How To Get Started”

I’ve made it dead simple to promote the IDM Video Course because I don’t want to waste your time.  The sales page is proven to CONVERT and has NO opt in forms or any other “leaks” that may cause you to lose your commissions.

Just follow the steps below to start earning money:

  1. Step 1:   Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account – If you’re already familiar with Clickbank and how to sell products there, simply go to the Clickbank Marketplace and search for the “Internet Dating Mastery Video Course” and start promoting.  If you’re not familiar with Clickbank, go to step two.
  2. Step 2:  Create a Clickbank ID – To get paid as an affiliate, you’ll need your own unique ClickBank Affiliate name, called a ClickBank ID.  If you don’t have a Clickbank affiliate account, you will need to sign up to Clickbank here and choose your Clickbank ID (use one or two words, no gaps, lowercase). You can use anything you want as your ID.  When you put this ID into your ClickBank Affiliate Link, and visitors click on it within 60 days and purchase, you’ll be given the correct commission by ClickBank.
  3. Step 3:  Create Your Affiliate Link – Set up your ClickBank Affiliate Link by replacing the phrase “YOURCLICKBANKID” with your own ClickBank ID:

    “chris32200” is our clickbank merchant username.  Replace the phrase ‘YOURCLICKBANKID’ with your clickbank username.  Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it!

    Simple as that!

Now you’re ready to start earning commissions selling the Internet Dating Mastery Video Course!

“Affiliate Tools”

Once again, I know how important it is to supply handy marketing tools for my affiliates and if you have a HUGE list of super targeted leads you’d like to email today, I’ve got a surprise for you!

Here’s a VERY successful swipe email for my Video Course you can cut and paste and send out RIGHT NOW:


Subject:  So, You Think Online Dating Sucks?

Body:  If you’ve ever tried Online Dating, I’m sure you’ve struggled at getting the attention of beautiful women and thought to yourself:

“This Sucks!” “I can’t get anywhere with these sites!” “Why won’t these women respond to me?”

Believe me, we’ve all been there!

Even me, before I developed the (your product.)

It doesn’t feel good to spend all this time crafting the “perfect” Online Dating profile, then emailing women who you really want to meet only to ultimately be ignored again and AGAIN!

In fact… it flat out SUCKS!

Well, if you’re still struggling with Online Dating then I have some good news for you!

I recently came across an interesting looking Online Dating training program called the “Internet Dating Mastery Video Course” and all I have to say is…


I’ve never seen anything like it, in fact, I just got done reviewing the whole program in its entirety and it’s even better than I imagined!

It was created by a guy named Christophe who is known for helping thousands of guys meet more women online through his blog and ebook.

(Hey, I’ve seen what dudes are saying about this guy’s material and the testimonials speak for themselves!)

Anyway, the Video Course contains SEVEN modules, each with a series of short videos covering various topics on the subject of meeting women online.

What’s really cool is you actually get to see him email women LIVE and on the fly right on your computer from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll also see him craft several of his MOST successful Online Dating profiles and he even reveals his OWN profile that he’s currently using to meet HUGE numbers of beautiful women every month!

I’ve NEVER seen anyone do that before!

Now here’s a brief list of what you’re going to learn once you get access to his course.

(This is the complete list. Feel free to edit this part to suit your traffic.)


>>>MODULE 1 – Online Dating Mindset And Attraction Explained:


– Why I initially HATED Online Dating and how I turned things around so it became FUN for me and how it can be FUN for you too!

– How you communicate with women governs how successful you’ll be at dating in general. I’ll show you how your communication has been sabotaging your success and how to change that so you communicate in a way that ATTRACTS her instead of repelling her.

– The EXACT formula for attracting women online and how to put yourself in her shoes so she’ll KNOW that you get her. (This will make you stand out from the crowd. I use this SECRET all the time!)

– How to finally take ALL the work and frustration out of meeting women online by using “Higher Value Communication.” (It’s really this simple and Nobody else knows how to do this!)


>>>MODULE 2 – Internet Dating Sites:


– The REAL reason why women sign up to Online Dating sites and their true intentions when it comes to meeting guys. (This is one of the secrets that will help you spot women looking for “casual” relationships!)

– What it means when women say they’re looking for “friends” only in their dating profiles. (Hint: You must learn to ignore what she writes and instead study how she communicates.)

– The TOP FIVE Online Dating sites that are killing it RIGHT NOW. (A lot has changed in the last few years and you MUST make sure you’re using the BEST sites.)

– The “New King” of FREE Online Dating sites and why it’s working so well for me. (Hint: It’s not POF!)

– An introduction to what I consider to be the “Next Generation” of Online Dating sites and how men actually have inherently Higher Value on these sites.


>>>MODULE 3 – Setting Up Your Dating Profile:


– My TOP FIVE rules for writing successful, compelling Online Dating profiles that drive women CRAZY. (You’ve NEVER seen these before. That’s because most people don’t know they exist! Oh… and the last one is basically responsible for ALL of my Online Dating success.)

– Several brand NEW incredibly successful, cut-and- paste online profiles you can “steal” and start using today to meet tons of women online. (Copy them word for word or create your own based on the model and watch your email inbox fill up in no time!)

– A LIVE, unedited (play by play) video review of my current Online Dating profile on (Yes, I actually reveal my entire profile; pictures and all and I break down each part in detail and explain why it works so well for me. If you only see one video in this course, it has to be this one. You don’t want to miss it!)

– The answer to the burning question: “Are naughty jokes ok to include in dating profiles?”

– A “sneaky” and particularly clever method you can use to prevent “fat chicks” from responding to your profile.


>>>MODULE 4 – Emailing Women Online:


– A REAL live video where I show you all the responses I got from guys who answered my sneaky, and totally fake Online Dating profile of a BEAUTIFUL woman. You’ll see just how lame all their emails were and how guys have it ALL wrong when it comes to emailing women online. (I’m telling you… this video is downright HILARIOUS and will have you laughing harder than you EVER have before!)

– How I use what I call “Hot Points” in a woman’s profile when emailing her to demonstrate that I read and understand her profile. (This is EXTREMELY important when emailing women online. Failure to do this will result in NO responses!)

– What to do when an Online Dating site won’t let you use subject lines in your emails. (This is becoming increasingly common these days but I’ve got a way to get around this little annoyance.)

– A REAL live, unedited “play by play” video of me emailing women online! (Seriously, you’ll see me not only send emails to women, but also discover how I use “Hot Points” to pique curiosity in them! You’ll also be able to pause this video as you please and dissect my emails in detail. This is another “can’t miss” video!)


>>>MODULE 5 – Emailing Women Online Part 2:


– How the advent of “texting” has completely changed the Online Dating game and what you need to do to take advantage of it. (Hint: You don’t need to send as many emails as before. I’ll show you how it’s done now.)

– A lengthy and very witty email exchange I had with a woman on okcupid that resulted in her wanting to meet up with me without me even suggesting it. (This is a HILARIOUS email exchange that even includes some “dirty jokes.” You’ll just have to see it to believe it!)

– The reason why email exchanges with women go “cold” and a trick I use to get things heated up again. (I’ll show you an example of an email I use as well as how long to wait before sending this gem!)

– Some examples of awesome and particularly clever text messages I send to women when they start stalling or won’t agree to meet in person. (Using these will completely flip things in your favor. I know because they always work for me!)


>>>MODULE 6 – Meeting Her In Person:


– Why you need to STOP thinking of the first meeting with a woman you met online as a “First Date.” (Hint: It’s actually something else entirely and putting it in this perspective will take ALL the pressure OFF you and shift it to HER!)

– The “perfect” place to take a woman on a first meet DOES NOT exist but I’ll give you FIVE awesome new ideas, (some you won’t believe) and go into detail on how to orchestrate a successful date at each venue.

– When going to bars or lounges there’s ONE “secret” spot you always want to make sure both of you are seated. I’ll reveal it and also tell you how to know when a woman is becoming attracted to you during a date.

– The one thing you NEVER want to hear from a woman at the end of a date; (and if she says this it means you totally screwed up and won’t be seeing her again!)

– How to get multiple women back to your house for some… “Adult Fun.” (Ok, I’ll admit this really isn’t my thing but I do have some advice for you that you don’t want to miss!)


>>>MODULE 7 – Second Dates and Beyond:


– An example text you’ll get from a woman after a date that all but guarantees she had a GREAT time and wants to see you again. (If she sends you this text… you’re in!)

– My absolute FAVORITE second date idea… inviting her to my place for dinner 😉 I’ll give you the exact “step by step” blueprint for making it happen and after seeing how simple it is, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

– Why it’s actually a GOOD thing to be considered a “player” and how to convey this in your Online Dating profile. (Hint: You have to be really careful with this one as going too far will set off her “player alarm” and then you’re toast!)

– Exactly how to date multiple women, including how many dates to set up per week and how many women to date without going overboard. (Yes, this will start to be a nice problem after you learn the ropes!)

– And a whole LOT more!

I’m telling you, this dude put EVERYTHING he knows into this course and don’t be surprised if it takes your Online Dating game to a whole new level!

And I haven’t even revealed all the cool Bonuses that came along with this course!

To learn more about it, just go here:

(Insert Affiliate Link)

As I said, I personally went through and reviewed the entire course and I’m giving it my enthusiastic “stamp of approval.” (I almost wish I had thought of some of this stuff.)

Again, just click the link below to learn more:

(Insert Affiliate Link)

Check it out and let me know what you think!

I’ll talk to you again soon,




If you’d like access to more affiliate tools such as articles or swipe emails, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m here to help and want you to earn as much money as possible!

If you have any other questions about my program or products, feel free to email me anytime. I look forward to working with you!

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Men’s Internet Dating

P.S. If you’d like to see this course for yourself, just send me an email request with your Clickbank affiliate ID and I’ll give you access to the course.  If you’d like to see the ebooks, just do the same and I’ll get them out to you.

P.P.S. Want to make any changes to the sales page or do you need more information to formulate your own pre-sales material?  Just let me know!  I’m extremely flexible and willing to work with you to make it happen!