Pros and Cons of having Sex without Condoms

Condoms are now very popular among people. Most of the doctor recommends condoms as contraceptive methods which will definitely help you to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections. But research says many people hesitate to use condoms during sex.

If you are one of them who hesitate to use condoms during sex then this article is for you. Here in this post we are going to discuss on pros and cons of having sex without condoms. Hope you will gain knowledge regarding all the positive and negative things can happen with you if you don’t want to use condom during sex. So let’s get started with more details.


  • Better Sex Experience

According to survey most of the people who are not using condoms during sex feels more sensation during sex due to skin contact. So it’s true that if you will use condom during sex with your partner then you can experience the extra pleasure.

  • You Can Feel The Vaginal Intercourse 

During sex if you are not using condoms then you can feel the vaginal intercourse which is always satisfying for any couple. You can easily touch the g spot of your lady and feel the true seduction if you are not using condoms.

  • Mental Satisfaction   

According to research people who involve in sex without condom have mental well being and happier than others. So if you need that mental satisfaction then just enjoy sex without condom.


  • Risk Of  Sexual Transmitted Disease 

If you are not using condom during sex then there is always a risk of sexual transmitted infections which is very dangerous for human body. So it’s always better to use condoms to avoid such issues.

  • Unwanted Pregnancy 

This is a common issue you may face if you are not using condoms during sex with your pregnancy. Though there are other pill options are well available which can avoid pregnancy but condom is the most effective thing for you which has no side effects.

Though there is a never ending debate on pros and cons of having sex without condoms still it depends on you to choose which one is better for you. If you want true pleasure without any barrier then just enjoy your sex life without condom. If you are too much concern about birth control and sexual transmitted infections then it’s better to go condom as a protection.