Some Best Shower Sex Positions.

Shower sex is one of the best things to do for spicing up your romantic life. Despite being a hot thing, there is always a risk of injury if you don’t perform it in the right manner. Our team has received lots of queries regarding this thing, so we decided to share it with the readers.

In this post, we will talk about the top 5 best shower sex positions that you can try easily. Let’s check out all and then try them as per your convenience level.

  1. Standing Doggy

If you love doing doggy style on the bed, then this one will definitely an incredible option to go for. Here, the male has to stand behind female who will bend over during penetration.


Girls can use the shower wall or floor tub for steadying if the couple demands a little bit of flexibility.


  1. The Bridge

Well, this one is an incredible candidate for the shower that allows the users to enjoy a great level of pleasure. Performing this position is very easier as the boy has to bend their knees on the ground whereas the girl will lie on the back.


After that, the girl will lift her hip little allowing the man to penetrate booty or pussy comfortably.


  1. Standing

The couples who are looking for an easier to perform sex position should go for the standing posture. Here, the girl will have her face towards the wall of the shower, whereas the male will stand right behind her for penetration.


It is the best for couples who are just starting their hands in the heaven of bathroom sex.

  1. The Chairman

If you have a seat shelve in the shower, then The Chairman can do wonders for you. Here, the male sits on the seat, whereas the female sits on his lap with the face on the opposite side.


The male will pump him up and down for working on the clit and even butt if he wants in this position.


  1. Upstanding Citizen

In this position, the male will enter in the pussy from the front so that amazing orgasm get guaranteed. The boy will pick the girl to the height where the pussy and cock become parallel.


It is strongly suggested that the girl should wrap her legs around the waist of the boy for a better experience.


Which one of these are you looking to try next time with your partner? Don’t forget to tell us about the experiences in the comment section.