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How to Avoid Dating “Man-Haters”

I’m sure you’ve seen them before… right?

They aren’t like normal ordinary women.

In fact, they aren’t like any other woman you’ll ever want to meet.  You don’t always see them coming because they’re very good at playing “nice girl” and will keep playing as long as humanly possible.

She will tear your world apart and make your life excruciatingly miserable and you’ll wonder how you ever ended up with her in the first place.

I’m talking, of course about “Man-haters.”

What is a man-hater?

Well, a “Man-hater” is a man’s worst nightmare!  It’s a woman who, simply put, hates men for reasons that aren’t always understood.

A “Man-hater” will get into relationships with men and seem like any other woman, until one day, she goes completely nuts exposing her true colors.  If this ever happens to you, you’ll wonder how she could completely change overnight without you even knowing it.

You’ll wonder how you could be so STUPID and not see it coming?

You’ll wonder how to get away from her!

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

I’ve dated a LOT of “man-haters” and let me tell you, it’s no picnic!  I just recently dated one and I lost a TON of time and resources before finally ending it.

And you know what?

I saw it coming!  I saw the warning signs!!

What did I do about it?


I just kept going for the ride because I was that in to her.  Ultimately I paid the price and I don’t want the same to happen to you.

So, I’ve come up with a list of behaviors that are often exhibited by female “Man-haters.”

Pay close attention to this list!

Learn it!

Know it!

Live it!

Don’t ever forget it!  Trust me, it WILL be worth it.

And now, on to the list:

  1. She’s Extremely Argumentative – Yes I know, aren’t all women at least a little argumentative?  What’s the big deal?  Well, man-haters take it up a notch and disagree with you simply out of spite because they can’t stand men.  If you find her going against you ALL THE TIME, be careful; you might have a man-hater on your hands!
  2. She’s VERY Negative – This is also a common “Man-hater” trait.  This is a woman who is NOT fun to be around, and in fact; she drags people down around her.  There is no positive energy there, it’s ALL negative.  Not only is she miserable, but she wants everyone else to be as well.  It’s hard to be a positive, fun person when you have HATE for certain groups.  OUCH!
  3. She Has a BAD Relationship With Her Father – This is a clear tell tale sign that she’s a “Man-hater.”  In fact, a woman who doesn’t get along with, or worse, hates her father will often be the most intense man-haters.  If she often calls her father a “dick,” that’s not a good sign.  I’ve known women who actually sue their own fathers!  Yes, it’s true!  As a test, ask her about her father when you first meet her.  You’ll learn a lot!
  4. She Had or Has NO Relationship With Her Father – Unfortunately this often produces a “man-hater” for the same reasons.  According to a lot of psychologists, a woman’s relationship with her father shapes how she views men in general throughout her life.  If she had NO relationship with her Dad growing up, then she’ll be lost and won’t really know how to treat men and also won’t know right from wrong.  This actually isn’t her fault and is unfortunate, but it’s also important for you to know… for your sake.
  5. She Hates ALL Her Ex-boyfriends – Here’s a clear tell tale sign that you’ve got a man-hater on your hands.  Ask about her ex’s and see what she says.  If it’s all BAD and she’s had nasty breakups, that’s not good.  If all her ex’s can’t stand her as well, that’s also a sign.  Yes I know lots of us don’t have great relationships with our ex’s, but man-haters have NO good relationships with men at all.
  6. She has NO male friends – Most women have at least a few male friends if they’re fun loving people.  Not Man-haters!  They can’t stand being around men and surely don’t have any male friends.  Ask her about her friends and if they’re all chicks, well she could be normal but you’ll want to test her further by using the above.
  7. She’s Not Curious About Anything – What do I mean by this?  She doesn’t really have any curiosity about anything else in life like the arts, hobbies, other people… NOTHING!  Except her own drama!  Maybe you like to go out exploring and learning about other cultures.  Not miss man-hater, she’s only concerned about herself which leads to…
  8. She’s Extraordinarily Selfish – Yes, it’s ALL about her!  I do realize that all of us have some level of selfishness but Miss Man-hater takes it to a new level!  All of your attention MUST be on her at all times or she’ll scream like a baby.  I have no problem at all being a gentlemen and showing a little chivalry but when a woman thinks relationships are all about taking from men, not cool at all!  Look out for very selfish women!
  9. She was/is a Stripper – Now I won’t generalize and declare ALL strippers to be man-haters but I’ve seen more than a few who simply have BAD relationships with men in their lives.  I mean we’re talking about being conditioned to TAKE resources from men for a living!  That’s a dream job for miss man-hater!  She can’t resist!  There’s nothing like being emotionally detached and taking money from guys.  It should be on her resume!  Seriously!  Anyway, that’s just one final indication that she might be a “Man-hater.”

And there you have it!  Once you get done reading the list… read it AGAIN!  Now you know all the signs!  Always steer clear of Man-haters if you want a happy dating life.

I didn’t and I paid the price… literally!  Don’t make the same mistake!

So, what do you think?  Have you dated a woman like this before?  How did it go?  Write your comments below!

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