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How To Meet Up With A Woman WITHOUT Calling Her

Did you know there’s a way to meet up with women from the Internet, without even talking to them on the phone?

It’s true!

Times have really changed and with that; how you communicate with women has changed.

Remember the old days when everyone mostly spoke on land lines and texting hadn’t really become popular yet?

Sure you do!  When it comes to meeting women online… here’s how it usually went:

  • You email a woman who you really dig on an online dating site.
  • Hopefully she emails you back, then you start a dialogue back and forth via emails.  This could last a few days to a few weeks.
  • At some point, it’s time to get her phone number so you ask for it.  She gives it to you and then you agonize on when to call her and dread having to leave a message on her “machine.”

Remember those days?  Sure you do!

Everyone had an answering machine and most women would never answer their phone putting pressure on you to come up with a “clever” or “funny” message to leave on her machine.

Well, those days are LONG GONE!

And isn’t that a relief!

Instead of answering machines women have voice-mail associated with their cell phones.

Well, don’t I have to leave a message on her voice-mail?”  You may be asking.

No, and the reason is because you’re NOT going to be calling her on the phone at all!

How is that possible?

One word:  TEXTING!

What a wonderful invention it is!!  Ever since texting became the norm a few years back, talking on the phone became a thing of the past!

I don’t know about you but I very much dislike talking to women on the phone because, in some cases, it would go on for hours!

Now I don’t even worry about that because all I do is text them, saving me hours and hours of needless chatter on the phone.

It’s a great thing!

Texting has totally changed the game!

Now the script goes a little like this:

  • You email a woman online.
  • She emails you back and you exchange a couple more messages.
  • Then you send her your standard “get the number” email and she immediately gives it to you.
  • From that point on you have moved things to text and then you start building more attraction using texts.  This REALLY gets her going and wanting to meet you!
  • Finally, you agree on a time and place to meet up via text and then you’ve already sealed the deal!

She will almost NEVER say no because you’re highly skilled in the art of “text flirting” which has her dying to meet you!

That’s how it is now!

I can’t even remember the last time I spoke with a woman on the phone prior to meeting up with her in person.  It simply doesn’t happen anymore!

No more leaving stupid messages on her machine!

No more having to practice a script and recite it just in case she does answer the phone!

Now I can take my time and come up with awesome texts that build rock solid attraction!  I’m telling you, this has dramatically changed Online Dating and my success rate has gone through the roof!

So if you are still chatting with women on the phone, my question to you is simply… why?

You don’t have to and you shouldn’t even be calling her!

There’s a better way and I suggest you learn how to do it.

Now if you’d like to get an education on texting and how to flirt using texts then I recommend you check out my ebook, “Internet Dating Mastery.”

It will get you on the right track and show you how to build attraction with texts.  There’s actually a science to it and timing is absolutely CRUCIAL.

It took me a long time to prefect it and now I can do it easily and automatically.

I also reveal my famous, “get the number” email which you don’t want to miss out on.  It works EVERY time and is quite genius if I do say so myself.

Dating Expert
I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question, “who am I”?

Well, I’m actually a guy just like you and I went through a time in life where I was downright frustrated with my Online Dating results.

It seemed like whatever I tried… nothing worked! I thought hitting on women and sending really “nice”, “gentlemanly” emails was the way to go. I thought attractive women would appreciate me sending them love poems and long dissertations about my life story.

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