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All Men On Internet Dating Sites Are “Morons”!

Ok, first I assure you that I’m not calling guys who use Online Dating sites morons.  Obviously that’s not something I would do… well, at least not most of the time.

But, I recently met a woman who did call all men exactly that and she was VERY passionate about it.   Let me explain.

So I met up with a friend and his two friends, (one of them a woman) recently at a fun sports bar in San Francisco and we got to talking about our significant others.  Anyway, I happened to mention that I met my current GF on an Online Dating site.

This girl then starts busting up laughing, refusing to believe that I met someone “normal” online.  I immediately challenged her by saying, “well have you even tried Online Dating?”

She then gives me this serious look and says; “Let me tell you about my Online Dating experience.”

So she starts to talk about how after a recent bad breakup, she put up a profile on the free site “okcupid” just to see what would happen.  Well, the sequence of events that happened after that were VERY interesting to say the least.

She saw one guy’s profile that really stood out.  Let’s call him “Ben.”  Anyway, she thought Ben looked normal enough so she answered his email.  Things progressed nicely so she then gave Ben her phone number.  This is when things took a turn for the worse.

Ben then proceeded to launch a barrage of really BAD text messages.  And I mean he did it NON-STOP!  She said he was texting like a child, constantly using acronyms she’d never heard of.  It was “LOL” this and “OMG” that.  He just wouldn’t stop!

At this point I asked her if he was still in High School.

Her answer absolutely FLOORED me… She said he was 41 years old!!  That’s right, a middle aged man was sending her juvenile text messages asking her things like “what’s up?” and “what are you doing?” ten to twelve times a day!

Well, obviously she had had enough and sent him packing!

It wasn’t over though.  She then began to tell the tale of her second suitor and this guy did something that I’ve been harping on for years.

Let’s call this guy John.  Well, she also made the mistake of giving John her phone number because he “seemed” normal.  Now, did John wait a while and send her a clever text suggesting they meet up for a drink??  No!

Did John call her up and begin a quick and casual conversation and then end it with some humor and suggest a meetup at a high point in the conversation??  No!

John thought it would be a brilliant idea to send a fully revealing NUDE pic of himself posing in – of course – the BATHROOM MIRROR spread like an Eagle on the counter!

She was downright grossed out! And rightfully so.  After receiving John’s pervy gift she then decided Online dating wasn’t for her and she concluded that all men who use Online Dating sites are freaking “MORONS!”

I smirked at her and thought to myself, “well you just aren’t meeting the right guys.”  Some of us know better and YOU are one of those guys because you’re on my list.

So, what is the lesson here?

Well, when it comes to texting… you HAVE to know the all important rules of “text ettiquette.”  It’s absolutely crucial.  There is a way to text women the right way and it does NOT involve sending multiple texts, one after the other asking her “what’s up?”

That’s downright LAME and will drive women away.  It did with this woman and now she has a LOW opinion of guys who date online because of it.

If you want to learn all the rules of texting and also learn exactly what to text women in almost ANY situation you’ll encounter… you’re in luck because my upcoming Video Course will give you a FULL education.

Lesson Number Two – Do NOT send nude pics of yourself to a woman you met online EVER!  I say it all the time and yet, I still hear the stories.

Why?  WHY do guys FRICKIN do this???

Well, I’m sure one reason is that most guys think women are just like men.

Let me ask you this…

How would you like it if a HOT random woman you don’t know sent you nude pics of herself?

Right, that’s what I thought!

Now, women do NOT have the same reaction when random guys send them nude pics.  It grosses them out for two reasons.  First, women aren’t visual like guys and, two; women don’t want to see naked pics from some creepy guy who is on an Internet Dating site.

They just aren’t into it!

So, the next time the thought of doing either of these things crosses your mind, do yourself and her a favor and just STOP!  You’ll thank yourself later.

Dating Expert
I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question, “who am I”?

Well, I’m actually a guy just like you and I went through a time in life where I was downright frustrated with my Online Dating results.

It seemed like whatever I tried… nothing worked! I thought hitting on women and sending really “nice”, “gentlemanly” emails was the way to go. I thought attractive women would appreciate me sending them love poems and long dissertations about my life story.

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