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Top Ten List Of BIGGEST Online Dating Profile Mistakes

I’ve been giving guys advice on how to write compelling, attention grabbing Online Dating profiles for years now yet I’m still seeing them make the SAME mistakes OVER and OVER again!

Hey, it’s not easy writing about yourself!  Nobody ever said it was.

But when you’re one of thousands on an Online Dating site, you HAVE to stand out and get noticed!  There’s no way around it!

Sure it’s nice to start writing all these great things about yourself but the one thing you might be overlooking is that you aren’t considering your audience.  In other words, you aren’t realizing that women are reading your profile and what goes on through a woman’s mind is entirely different than what goes on through a man’s mind.

Obviously this comes from the fact that women and men are VERY different and what attracts men does not necessarily attract women.

If guys would just pull their head out of their ass and realize this ONE simple fact, they’d have a lot more success with Online Dating!

Now, with that said… here are the TOP TEN Online Dating profile mistakes guys make:

  1. Not knowing your audience!  That’s right and I said it before and I’ll say it again, you need to write your profile for your audience which is WOMEN!  Women like to see a MAN who is confident, comfortable in his own skin, and knows what he wants.  Your profile HAS to convey confidence!  Things like sounding unsure, supplicating to women, and not being comfortable in your own skin are attraction KILLERS!  Make sure you’re putting your BEST self on display just like you would an advertisement or resume.  You can still be yourself when displaying your BEST self.
  2. Telling your life story.  When composing a dating profile, you want to keep it short.  Just one or two paragraphs will do in the main write up.  Too many guys are making the mistake of telling their life story and this causes a few problems.  First, it doesn’t leave any mystery about them.  You want to have women guessing about you and if they’ve already learned too much… there won’t be anything more to tell.  Also, if you’re telling too much in your profile the likelihood of “shooting yourself in the foot” becomes greater.  So, always keep it short and sweet.
  3. Writing down what you think she wants to hear.  This is another fatal mistake guys make.  They’ll state things about themselves that they think she’ll find attractive like, “working out at the gym everyday” or how many cars, houses, businesses they own.  It’s not that these things are necessarily bad, it’s just that you shouldn’t  be putting them in an Online Dating profile.  Talking about your financial success will attract the wrong women to your world.  I guarantee it!
  4. Saying and not conveying.  Here’s a BIG one and the hardest for guys to avoid.  Men are more factual and see the world more logically and less emotionally than women.  Men are more likely to believe something based on facts… well, not women!  Women judge men based on how they come across in their non-verbal communication.   This is why it’s so important to convey humor and confidence in your profile and not just say, “I’m a really funny guy and oh, yah… I think I’m pretty confident too.”  Don’t do it!
  5. Trying to be too cute.  Some guys will overdo the goofiness in their Online Dating profiles.  Humor is good but if you sprinkle too much of it in your ad, without personality and “edginess”, you’ll fail at attracting women.  You need to be careful when trying to “be funny.”  Make sure you know your own sense of humor and once you do, let it shine!
  6. Being angry and negative.  Here’s another HUGE mistake guys make in their profiles.   Don’t ever EVER be negative or bring your issues with you to the party.  Think of it this way… would you embellish in detail on your resume about how you hated the boss at your previous job.  Of course not.  Always leave your baggage out and that includes negative thoughts about ANY women in your life… ex’s, friends, your mom, relatives. Coming across angry or negative will turn women off right away.  We all have things about life we don’t like but we don’t put them in our Online Dating profiles.
  7. Lying about your age.  OK, I didn’t think I needed to mention this and frankly it’s getting tired and boring but don’t lie about your age and say you’re TEN years younger in your dating profile.  The reason… it’s obvious, because you’re going to MEET HER IN PERSON.  NUFF said.
  8. Lying about your height.  Once again, why lie about your height on your dating profile when she’s going to see the REAL you in person on a first date?  Doesn’t make much sense!  Sure, you can add an inch if you’d like but saying you are 6′ 2″  when you are actually 5′ 5″ isn’t going to fly.  Don’t do it!  “But maybe I’ll be able to run my bullet proof attraction game on her when she sees I’m not 6′ 2″?  WRONG!  It won’t work man!  In fact, lying about age and height are the main complaints from women on 98% of Online Dating articles out there.  Don’t do it!
  9. Posting the WRONG photos.  Oh boy, this is a really widespread problem.  I see it ALL THE TIME.  Photos of guys with their shirts off posing in the bathroom mirror.  That’s a big one.  Posting “lonely guy” photos where you won’t see anyone else there but him in his apartment or log cabin is another.  Trying to get that perfect facial shot?  I have news for you… it doesn’t exist.  Besides, most women are far more interested in your lifestyle and what you do on weekends than how big your muscles are under that tight shirt.  Think fun vacation and hobby photos instead of flexing in the bathroom mirror photos.
  10. Not being YOURSELF!    It’s really simple… all you need to do is put your BEST self on display in your Online Dating profile.  If you’d stop struggling to figure out what women want to see and instead focus on being honest about WHO you really want without revealing your baggage and negativity, you’ll be a lot more successful at meeting women online.  It doesn’t have to be a chore to compose a great dating profile.  It really doesn’t! Know who you are and who you want and you’re half way there.  Give it a try and you might be surprised at your results.

So that’s my latest and greatest when it comes to writing Online Dating profiles.

I hope you’ll take this list to heart and really understand what I’m saying.  Far too many girls are complaining about what they’re seeing from men online and with that comes HUGE opportunity for those of us who are “initiated in the arts.”  When you know what you’re doing, you’ll stand out from the crowd and that’s the secret ingredient necessary for Online Dating success.

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I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question, “who am I”?

Well, I’m actually a guy just like you and I went through a time in life where I was downright frustrated with my Online Dating results.

It seemed like whatever I tried… nothing worked! I thought hitting on women and sending really “nice”, “gentlemanly” emails was the way to go. I thought attractive women would appreciate me sending them love poems and long dissertations about my life story.

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